Sample Works:

Text To Speech Module - PhantomBot

A custom script adding commands giving text to speech functionality for a popular Twitch bot. Creation of this script involved working with others, and the current version has undergone many revisions.

Available to download as source from the phantombot forums.

Abdielline Makeup Artist - Cornwall

Website thumbail

A small website for a freelance makeup artist based in Penryn Cornwall.

Visit Abdielline for more details.

Overall Harm Calculator

Application thumbnail

A small application made with C++, used to help aide people trying to create pokemon for competitive use.

Availiable for download, with source code, on the downloads page. The source code, by itself is also available on our Gitlab.

Simple Snakes Game

Game thumbnail

A recreation of the classic snake game using Javascipt and the HTML5 canvas element. Guide our purple friend towards their dinner, using the arrow keys.

Availiable to play here. Source viewable via context menu.

Logistics & Warehousing Leaflet

Leaflet thumbnail

A leaflet designed for Ralph Moyle Inc, showcasing their services. Text by Sarah Richmond.

Full copy available here.


Unless stated otherwise. Please assume any published works to be under the GNU General Public License v3.